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That's me!

I’m a professional photographer and graphic designer

and I live in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Since I was a child I had passion for visual art. When I was 3 years old I painted my cat with markers and I started asking why I walls were white if I couldn’t paint on them.

Photography was always there, thanks to my dad. He was really passionate about photography since he was young, he learn how to develop photos from film on his own.

my dad gave me my first Camera when I was 10, a Beirette vsn. Then a lot of ugly digital compact cameras. My friend always hated me because of my compulsive desire to document every moment together with photos.

The real work started after my degree in Languages and communication. I moved to Milan where I studied to became a graphic & web designer.

I had the luck to work in different creative places to build my experience in design, graphic and marketing.

In 2008 I bought my first digital reflex and I totally lose my mind for it.

My passion for photography grew so much in 2009 I decided to come back to Sardinia  and start my profession as photographer.

I’m a member of TAU Visual, the Italian national association of professional photographers and I’m specialized in wedding photography, portraits and events.

I’ve chosen to became a storytelling photographer. I think everyone has a beautiful story, I want to immerge in it and tell it through photography, in the most authentic way.

I like to observe and find the all the details we usually ignore. All these little details make a unique person, a unique couple, a unique family.

I think photography mission is to find beauty in everyday life and in every people.

Photography direct our eyes to look again, to look better.

This is my mood when I work at weddings. Every wedding is a unique event, full of meaning and feelings. I want to tell your special story.



Any questions?

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