(+39) 339 1751208 info@danielaserpi.it
What is your photographic style?

There’re so much way to call it: reportage, storytelling, documentary, photojournalism.
Anyway you wan to call it, this is how I work: I want to create a photographic tell of the day of your wedding. I try to be more invisible as possible, to create an authetic and spontaneous memory. So when you’ll look back at it, you will be able to feel again the emotions you lived.

Even during the couple session shot I try to create a “safe space” when you can feel yourself and be naturally loving with your partner.

If you want to have formal photos with family and friends, we can do them. You absolutely have to tell me everything you desire for your wedding photos, so I’ll be able to do make your wish came true.

I hate being photographed, how can I do?

You don’t have to worry about it. My photographic style is perfect for shy people not used to photos, because it’s focused on spontaneous and natural photos. You don’t have to think about poses or innatural smile, you just have to enjoy your day. I’ll think to everything else.

How can we book you for our wedding?

You can write me an email at info@danielaserpi.it or call me at (+39) 339 1751208.

I usually meet my clients in person before the booking, but if you live abroad we can schedule a videocall with skype, zoom or whatsapp.

Just write me an email or call me to schedule the meeting.

Do you work for more than a wedding in the same day?

Absolutely not.
My photographic style require me to be present most of the time to document your day, so I don’t book more than a wedding in a day.


Do you work alone?

Usually I don’t.
I work with my second photographer, to have a more complete vision of the day.

I can work alone for small comitment (3-4 hours).

If you book a photo booth service, I usually come with a third photographer.

Are you available for abroad wedding?

Yes, I love travelling!
I’m also available for destination wedding.

We have to include you in the guest list for lunch/dinner?

Yes, thank you! If the wedding is all day long it’s important for us to sit and eat something if the wedding is all day long.

To work better we need a table next to you, so we can see what is happening all the time and be ready to click!

How much photos do you deliver?

I usually deliver at least 800-1000 photos to create a complete storytelling of the day. Every wedding has a different number of photos.

How do you deliver photos?

I edit every single photo, then I deliver them in a USB drive pen (if you’re in Italy) or I upload them in my private cloud space so you can download them.

How much time do I have to wait for my album?

It depend on what you choose for your design.
If you want to choose the photos yourself, I need 1 month to design & edit after you choose them. Printing process usually take 1-2 months, depending on the year time (Christmas is really busy).

Which style are available for albums?

You can choose between a lot of styles. I’ll be happy to show you some examples in my studio if you are in Sardinia. If you don’t, I can send you some catalogs by email.

We are not sure about the album. Can we decide later?

Sure. It’s important you book the date for the wedding reportage. If you want to add the album design after the wedding, you can do it.

What equipment do you use?

We work with a professional Canon equipment. We have 2 cameras each and a lot of lenses so we can face every technical problem.
We work with natural light, but if needed we have flashes available.

You do video, too?

I work with different professional videomaker compatible with my vision and style of storytelling photography.

Contact me if you want to see their works.

What about payments?

To book the date is required a confirmatory deposit. Then I usually ask for a second payment the week of the wedding, then a final payment when I deliver the work. You can pay with bank transfer, cash or credit/debit card.