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It was a dream to have Daniela and her coworker at our side for our day. Helpfullness, discretion, friendliness, kindness, professionalism… and the list of compliments doesn’t end here! The groom is really shy and he felt totally comfortable with them, so myself and our guests. IF you want a real professional and you want spontaneous, wanderful, touching pictures, she is the right choice for you.

Veronica & Gennaro

Daniela was with us all day with a unique sensitivity, tiptoe, with her sweet and invisible presence, full of attention and empathy, really respectful of our experience and sensibility. She was able to make fell shy people comfortable, relieving them from every kind of embarrassment. 

When the lights went off, we saw the pictures. Her work was able to relight those lights: every single emotion was alive again, so we can be protagonists and viewers of our happy love celebration at the same time, looking through her eyes perfectly focused on our emotions.

I’ll never be tired to look at them, every time I discover some new touching detail!

Thanks to her for her wonderful work. We really suggest you to let be involved and enchanted from her talent, her skills and her extraordinary professionalism and sensibility. If it’s true you choose the photographer for his technical skills, it’s also true you have to be side by side with an empathic soul in an important day as your wedding day. She is all this, trust me!

Carla & Alessandro

When pictures tell about us
She is a professional able to capture and make immortal emotions of a wonderful day. They entered tiptoe in our life, with discretion, and they was able to catpure all the shades of our emotions, letting us be ourselves. Every picture talks and tells our story.  
We really recommend her!

Carmen & Nicola

Skillful, sweet, super professional. And discrete. She IS there. She make immortal every single detail of the best day of your life. When you see pictures for the first time you are shocked by the beauty and you ask yourself: “When did she take this one? Amazing!”

I really recommend her to you if you want to have memories of every detail of your day!

Virginia & Alessandro

The most important thing to us was not to have a “primadonna” photographer. We didn’t want to have an “huge” invasion and be puppets on our wedding day.
Daniela and her coworkers were a dedicated  “invisible” presence for all day, taking thousand of amazing pictures and capturing details which is a pleasure to remember, without grabbing the spotlight. We actually didn’t realize when they were around! Recommended!

Daniela & Roberto

We are trilled about Daniela’s work. They were really accomodating, helpful, kind and invisibile when needed. She made us comfortable since our pre-wedding shoot, which is very useful and help you to know you better and be more spontaneous. During the ceremony they were so discrete and professional, during the reception (they organized a funny photobooth, too!) they were unstoppable, all the memories of the day are safe!

Dominique & Andrea

Daniela gave us amazing pictures, amazing memories of our wedding. Her best quality is the ability to capture the true feeling of the wedding, our love and joy and all emotions of our family and friend with absolute spontaneity. I couldn’t imagine more beautiful, vibrant and coloured photos. Her presence was discrete and kind. We recommend Daniela to all who wish natural and genuine pictures!

Marta & Riccardo

Emotions, tears, laughs, happiness. All these feeling in one day and Daniela was able to capture them in her photos with her skills and professionalism. We were sure we wanted a reportage of the day without fake and unnatural poses, and so it was. Every pictures is a huge emotion. We recommend Daniela 100%! 

Angelica & Ivan

Original, professional, discrete. When I see the pictures I feel the same thrill I felt during that amazing day. Only a true artist as Daniela can capture the emotion of a gaze, the love in a gesture!

Paola & Rosario

She is very talented, kind, helpfulness, professional, discrete and meticulous. We truly recommend her. She provide an high level service, following all the couple needs. She was able to tell our day being discrete all the time, capturing even small details.

Choose her if you want special memories. 

Alice & Lino